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    Our WINTER 2017 issue is on sale in Newsagencies and HORSELAND STORES nationwide from Monday 15th May.

    PLUS: Don't forget that our Autumn 17 HW issue is now available as a BACK ISSUE.

    What's inside HorseWyse's WINTER 2017...

    It gets pretty cold at the HorseWyse HQ but it is still a beautiful time of year, the air so fresh and crisp. It is also the perfect time to snuggle up inside in the warmth with a copy of HorseWyse :)

    So what have you got to look forward to this winter issue?

    Starting with the HW Helpline…have you always wanted to experience with your equine buddy the freedom of bareback riding? Well Lara and Nigel have the tips you need to get started. Also we did some homework for you and found out that your Pony Club can help you get to a Royal Show! So make sure you check out the PC pages.

    “Thank you for holding this competition…it was great incentive for Amy to clean her room!” A quote from an appreciative mum 
    Of course she is talking about the Horsiest Bedroom Comp, sponsored by Filly & Co and WOW your rooms are horse mad! Check out pages 18 and 19!

    Free Rider, Alycia Burton is an absolute inspiration and we caught up with her to find out her story. She has also donated some free Camp giveaway prizes to the Photo Comp. So if you were excited before about the Photo comp opening in this issue, now’s the time to get really excited!

    Then there’s everything from carriage driving, to the HW reader story on endurance, winter feeding tips, New Zealand adventures with Cavalcade and of course CRUNCHTIME CAPERS!!!!

    Learn not only about the left and right side brain of your horse with Stephen Halfpenny but also important information on abnormal vital signs with HW vet Amanda Edwards.

    Two of HorseWyse mags favourite pages are now generously sponsored by our equally favourite supporters. So for your chance to win great prizes from Peter Williams Riding Apparel or Mitavite…checkout the The Paddock and Superstar pages, send your pic in for your chance to WIN! If you don’t win, you still have the street cred of having your picture in print! Australia’s favourite horse lovers magazine just loves to show off Australia’s horse lovers.

    Thanks to all of you who enter the competitions and support our valuable advertisers…without them it would be very hard to produce the mag we all love!

    Anyhow without further ado I’ll let you get stuck into Winter HorseWyse!

    So please enjoy HorseWyse Winter 2017!

    Emma x


    HorseWyse Helpline with Nigel and Lara

    Crunchtime Capers follow Hannah Crunch and Lippy as they do all things horsey and fun!

    Superstars We love to see and hear about your Superstars so send in a pciture and your Superstar story today! superstars@horsewyse.com.au now sponsored by Mitavite

    Breyer Horse Colours collect learn and win!

    HorseWyse Out and About
    Horsing Around
    Funstuff Activities
    HorseWyse Superstars
    Totally Horses Club
    The Paddock
    HW Hay Shed
    Funny Photos
    HorseWyse Hot Shots!
    Congratulations to all our Autumn 2017 Competition Winners!

    Hoof Oil  
    Bridie McGuckin NSW 
    Lucinda Evatt NSW 

    Champion Choice Browband
    Jazmin West QLD 

    Champion Tails
    Sopia Willis SA

    Horse Riding Lessons for Beginners
    Tara Cahill NSW 
    Paige Hurley NSW 
    Tara Tindle SA

    Cody and the Pony
    Caitlyn Hall NZ 
    Anjaali Drury QLD 
    Megan Wilson WA 

    The Horse Whisperer
    Rachael Cornius-Randall NSW  
    Taleah Verney WA 
    Olivia Sauverain QLD 

    Horse Book 1 
    Belle Day VIC 
    Olivia Gilbert NSW 

    The Cowboy who was Scared of Horses
    HR Gull WA 
    Casey Butcher NSW 
    Sam Tyron SA

    Village Vets
    Jordan McGrath NSW  
    Alleah Maywald TAS 
    Charlotte Jenkins NSW 

    Horses Who Heal
    Sofia de Boos-Smith NSW  
    Debbie Tink WA

    Noble Outfitters:

    Horse & Country 
    Olivia Allen QLD 
    Grace Irwin NSW 
    Madi Smith SA 
    Cara Cook QLD 

    Maggie Harriden NSW 

    Rachel Granger VIC 
    Willow Rich NSW 

    Breyer Horse Colours Best of British
    Jenna Denholm SA

    Caption Comp
    Caption A
    "The moment you realise your horse can fly"
    Julia Colley QLD

    Caption B
    "Oh darn, I thought we were having an apple bobbing competition"
    Laila Lee NSW

    Noble Outfitter: 
    Lalla Wilhelms, Clunes VIC
    Molly Rich, Rock Forest NSW

    AUTUMN 2017 Colouring In Competition Winners:

    15 and over
    1st Willow Rich NSW 
    2nd Chynna Stevenson QLD 
    3rd Sonja Wallis WA
    4th Toby Smithe SA
    5th Kirsty Moroni VIC

    1st Mali Hoadley NSW 
    2nd Tahni Brown VIC 
    3rd Isla McNamara QLD 
    4th Isabella Grainger NSW  
    5th Claire Gaby TAS and Stephanie Whitaker QLD 

    Under 10
    1st Annabelle Towne WA 
    2nd George Scott VIC  
    3rd Taryne Taylor QLD 
    4th Annelise Sarah Watson SA 
    5th Josh McDonald QLD 

    10 and under 12
    1st Arabella Eagles QLD 
    2nd Ella Isaacs VIC 
    3rd Laura Wincombe TAS 
    4th Caitlin Lily WA 
    5th Madison Pepall WA 

    12 and Under 15
    1st Makala Brown QLD 
    2nd Zoe Morgan NSW 
    3rd Lucy Connon NSW 
    4th Madelaine Warman QLD 
    5th Tiana Westlake SA 

    AUTUMN 2017 THC Winners:

    Visit our TOTALLY HORSES CLUB page to see the AUTUMN 2017 THC Winners!

    Sneak Peek - Next Issue

    Our SPRING 2017 issue of HorseWyse Magazine is currently in the throes of production and on sale mid August. Check back soon for a sneak peek! Make sure you order your copy today by purchasing an HW Subscription!

    Check out HW's NEW App. for iPhone and iPad!

    HorseWyse Magazine proud sponsors of Pony Club Australia!!!

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