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    White Cloud Station Books 1-7

    $17.95 per book

    The Horses of White Cloud Station  -- HORSEWYSE is proud to be the exclusive outlet for the series 'NEW TO AUSTRALIA'

    Written by Kiwi author Trudy Nicholson, the series proved popular in NZ with Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station hitting the Children & Teen Best Seller List!

    $17.95 per book
    Suzy, Alexa and Lucy, who live and breath horses, have many adventures at White Cloud Station, where Mike Phillips passes on his grandfather’s knowledge and the wild horses live in the nearby mountains. Join the girls and their White Cloud Stationbreds in a book-series filled with the love of horses and a depth of horsemanship. NZ Best Seller – Children & Teen List -- Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station. Penguin NZ 2009, Horsecrest Press 2014

    A love of horses, friendship, and adventure are the key elements of this series, which combines great storytelling with an in-depth knowledge of horses and horsemanship.

    First published, 1-6, by Penguin Group NZ, 2009-2010

    Second Editions published, 1-7, by Horsecrest Press, 2014

    1. Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station
    2. Summer with Horses
    3. Wild Horse Country
    4. Riding High at White Cloud Station

    5. Horse Magic
    6. Autumn with Horses
    7. Winter with Horses
    (Short Story) The Paint Horse


    Publisher: Horsecrest Press
    Format: Individual or Series
    Author: Trudy Nicholson

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