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    See below for all sorts of audio and video links with great tips from Carlos Tabernaberri and his band of beautiful horses!! (Please be patient as some of the audio and video files are quite large and may take a while to load the first time. If the play buttons don't work straight away, the files will still be loading...)

    You can also visit Carlos at his training centre or find all Carlos's training articles for HorseWyse in our amazing collection of HW Back issues! Check out Carlos' Summer 11 HW article on the Basics of teaching Self Carriage to your horse.

    Audio interview with Carlos Tabernaberri

    from the ABC, March 2011

    Click on the triangular play button above to hear an interview with Carlos from ABC radio about the Carlos/HorseWyse/RSPCA Fundraiser held at Jindabyne Equestrian Centre earlier this year to raise money for the QLD flood victims.


    A short video of Carlos Tabernaberri
    Understanding Versatility


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