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    Our AUTUMN 2019 issue is on sale in Newsagencies and HORSELAND STORES nationwide from mid February.

    PLUS: Don't forget that our Summer 2018 HW issue is now available as a BACK ISSUE.

    What's inside HorseWyse's AUTUMN 2019...

    Well, I think most of us are ready if not hanging out for some kind of cool change!!! What a hot hot hot summer!

    And as if some of you weren’t doing it tough enough. All of us here at HW HQ sincerely hope those worst affected get some much-needed rain soon. Check out the day in the lives….a drought story special.

    What very clever cookies you are!!! That was the record amount of entries EVER in the short story competition! Just Wow!

    You know you can practice your writing skills in every issue. Submit a story for Horsing Around, Reader Stories or even tell us why your horse/pony is your Superstar!!! Practice makes perfect!

    Moving into the issue we meet Heath Ryan, Patron for Pony Club Australia. Thanks to Equestrian Australia we fly to new heights with Edwina Tops-Alexander. Jody Hartstone is helping to spread the very important lesson; Learn that it is just not on, when it comes to tight nosebands.

    CSU put together a fabulous piece on the identification and prevention/treatment for Stringhalt.  

    Next discover a whole new world with the Brumby Blogs. The personal and detailed adventures of this mob of brumby will leave you captivated!

    Regular contributor, Amanda looks at What is a ‘Roarer’. Then for something different we look at how to get started in Carriage Driving…..and be sure not to miss Reining and the Youth World Cup!!!

    OH, MY Goodness the Horsiest Bedroom competition opens!!!!! Clean your room!!! Seriously though, how good is this competition and how totally horsesome are the prizes thanks to Filly & Co.

    Of course HorseWyse magazine photo model competitions winners are announced, proudly bought to you by Schleich and Breyer…..pages 40 and 41.

    Crunchtime Capers is growing…. let’s meet the latest and newest team member Toffee, check on Gypsy’s progress and look back at some of the Equitana highlights.

    Coco with her Insta pages will be back in time for winter, as will the craft pages…..but I think we have enough in here to get you started for the year!

    So please enjoy HorseWyse Autumn 2019.

    Emma x

    Advertising directory:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

    Contributors: Equestrian Australia, Pony Club Australia, Lara Beth and Nigel Anderson, Heath Ryan, Carol Hancock, Australian Carriage Driving Society, The Man from Snowy River Festival, Amanda Edwards, Catherine McDowell, Raquel Butler, Glenys Noble, Hayley Randle and  Members of the Equine Science team in the School of Animal and Veterinary Science, Charles Sturt University , Jody Hartsone, Linda Zupanc, Carole Herder, Hannah Pikkat and Pauline Stuart-Fox.

    Cover Photo: Paleface by Carol Hancock from Australian Brumby Photography  Checkout Carol’s amazing work

    4- Short Story WINNERS

    16 – Stringhalt

    18- Brumby Blog

    22- Nosebands….


    34 – The Man from Snowy River Festival

    36 – Roarers

    38- Start Carriage Driving

    40 – SCHLEICH Model competition WINNERS

    41- BREYER Model Competition WINNERS

    42 – Reining

    52- Herbal advice from McDowells

    64- Equitana Hall of Fame


    2 – HW Helpline with Lara and Nigel

    6 – PC Australia pages

    12- Equestrian Australia

    14 – Breyer Horse Breed Warmblood

    26 – Cavallo Tips

    30- CRUNCHTIME CAPERS with Its Crunchtime meet Toffee

    44 – Horsing Around Drought

    49- Reader stories

    50 – Totally Horse Club

    56 - Caption Comp

    57 – The Hay Shed

    58 – The Paddock

    60 – Superstars

    62- Colouring Comp

    Inside back cover Hot Shots


    HorseWyse Helpline with Nigel and Lara
    Crunchtime Capers follow Hannah Crunch and Lippy as they do all things horsey and fun!

    Superstars We love to see and hear about your Superstars so send in a picture and your Superstar story today! now sponsored by Mitavite

    Breyer Horse Colours collect learn and win!

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    Funstuff Activities
    HorseWyse Superstars
    Totally Horses Club
    The Paddock
    HW Hay Shed
    Funny Photos
    HorseWyse Hot Shots!

    Sneak Peek - Next Issue

    Our AUTUMN 2019 issue of HorseWyse Magazine is currently in the throes of production and on sale mid February 2019. Check back soon for a sneak peek! Make sure you order your copy today by purchasing an HW Subscription!

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    Autumn issue out now!

    Also the home of Earlwood and Horzehoods

    HorseWyse Magazine proud sponsors of Pony Club Australia!!!

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