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    Autumn 2018

    Back Issue of HW Magazine Autumn 2018.



    Just as I was getting into the swing of the summer holidays…….I feel a change in the air! Don’t get me wrong, autumn is lovely for so many reasons. Never too hot to ride, not as many flies and no lush green grass to make the ponies ‘silly’.

    However I really did enjoy this summer, hope all you guys did as well. I also hope I kept you busy. Between writing fabulous stories, drawing, coloring in or styling up a storm for the horse model photo comps. Check out the winners on pages 40 and 41. I did have to add a page of Highly Commended because there were so many good ones!!! Super talented lot you are!

    Who won the priceless autographed t-shirt from HW ambassador, Hannah Pikkat from #1itscrunchtime1 in the short story competition……..find out on Page 4. Thanks Trudy for the awesome judging!

    How did your lunging go? Did you practice over the holidays? What about the self-carriage, is that starting to work out? Well on Page 2, Lara and Nigel work thru the last segment on achieving self-carriage. If you have something to say….how you went…how useful this has been….then email me. I am all ears.

    Well it is the start of the year, don’t slowdown, in fact we need to notch up a gear because Equitana 2018 is coming!!!! Keep an eye out for your chance to WIN family passes.

    The Pony Club sponsor rider search opens up for Queensland…..send those entries in! Find out who the lucky Victorian winner is on Page 12.

    There was a very sad day last year for Equestrians when we lost the extraordinary Gillian Rolton. HorseWyse holds a very special spot for Gillian, all she has done for the sport, especially the young. In the Equestrian Australia pages we honor this special lady.

    We also meet a cracking young man…..Jamie Hocking as he shines in vaulting! From the sheep’s back to the horses back….where will it take him?

    Also get busy and clean those rooms!!! Horsiest bedroom opens now!!! Filly & Co have the best range of horse crazy gifts….who wouldn’t want to WIN a voucher and go shopping!

    I absolutely loved reading about the Icelandic horse, their unique paces would be amazing to experience…anyone ridden one? If you have let me know email Must say one thing I won’t miss about summer is snakes….never, never too late to learn first aid.

    Then if you’re into Eventing or Trick Training…..then this issue is for you. Catch up on the basics of Eventing and meet a family who has Trick Training going back for generations.

    Steve Halfpenny focuses on the importance of balance….this guy is amazing! I hope you have read all his past articles too! This is a section I really look forward to.

    Of course Crunchtime Capers is in…Hannah shows us how she cares for the ponies hooves….no hoof, no horse. There is even a very special drawing competition for you to enter! Page 30 now!

    This of course is not the only hands on competition or activity. By reader request, I have added a quiz, to the usual funstuff and colouring competition.

    So is that enough???? Fingers crossed I’m off to a good start for the year. Let me know if I have missed or need to add anything.

    So please enjoy HorseWyse Autumn 2018!

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