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    One of our biggest problems is getting good quality digital photos by email. We often get sent photos at the physical size they expect it to appear in the magazine (ie: 100mm by 75mm) with only a resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch) which is fine for internet/computer use but when used in print, they come out pixelated like the example below. The photo on the left is 72dpi which looks great on your computer but if we used it in HorseWyse Magazine, it would come out like the photo on the right. Most digital cameras take photos at 72dpi but to use them for printing, they need to be at least 4 times bigger than the size they are to appear.
    When taking digital photos, suitable for printing, you need to take them on your camera's highest quality file setting and email them to us without reducing or compressing them in any way. The file size should be a minimum of 1MB, maximum of 3MB and saved as a JPEG (which are usually the default settings for digital cameras in highest quality mode). Yes, they will look HUGE when you attach them to your email, but trust us...that's exactly what we need! The photo below is only part of the Arabian head, just not compressed. We've included it to show you how big any photos you email to us should be.

    If we reduced this photo and used it in HorseWyse Magazine, it would come out in great quality. But if the photo is too small or low resolution, we can't put quality back where there isn't any to work with.
    Photos sent in that are too small are no good to us. We can't enlarge these photos to use in print without losing's something to do with the way the printing process works. Think of it as being like a fresh slice of can squash it down just fine but once squashed, you can't make it bigger again. We need the big photos (slice of bread) which we can reduce with no loss of quality.
    We also can't use the following:
    • Photos printed on inkjet or laser printers...they just don't scan properly. If you want to mail your photos, have them printed on photo quality paper (but we do prefer digital photos that are emailed). 
    • Photos that are too dark or blurry.
    • Photos where the subject is a dot in the distance and it's hard to see them properly. 
    • Photos for Hall of Fame with just a horse in must be in the photo as well, it doesn't matter if you don't own a horse.
    • Photos taken by professional photographers – due to copyright, you must have their written permission for their photo to be used in HorseWyse. 
    • Photos of people or horses not associated or known to you – strangers might not appreciate their photo appearing in print without their knowledge or permission.
    The subject should be in focus and well-lit. If your camera's flash isn't the best, take your photo in bright overcast conditions or if it's sunny, with the sun behind the photographer so it lights the horse.
    Space is too precious each issue to spare with poor quality photos, so we tend to select the best quality images sent to us. If your photo meets the requirements, the chances of it getting published are 100%!
    Hope this all makes start snapping and sending us photos, we'd love to see you and your horse (if you have one) and if the photo is suitable for print, it will definitely make it in!

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