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We thank you for resubscribing to HorseWyse Magazine. With out our loyal readers we would not be able to produce a magazine for all our young horse lovers. We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as well enjoy creating it. 

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HorseWyse is so much more than equestrian magazine, it is a family. By subscribing to HorseWyse magazine your child becomes a part of the HorseWyse family, a family that supports, inspires and educates your child in all areas of life. Horses teach children so much about life and HorseWyse is a tool that aids this learning journey of your child. Children can’t put down the magazine, every issue is full of activities, education and articles that inspire your child to do their best in all aspects of life.


Mya and Willow Love HorseWyse 


My daughter cant wait to get her HorseWyse Magazine in the mail. She haunts the mailbox waiting for it once she knows it is coming.

         - Tracey Taylor, NSW

HorseWyse Magazine get my kids reading, they are constantly picking it up and looking through it and every time they find something new.


         - Cassy Rouch, SA

We love all the activities and the competitions are awesome.


      - Danna Burton, VIC