HorseWyse Diary - (Printing date December 3rd 2020)


HorseWyse has Created a 2021 diary which has been designed especially for our junior equestrian enthusiasts. The diary focuses on personal growth and self-care as well as horse education.


Weekly Planning layout.

  • Every week is set out with weekly goals, a riding log and mood scale.
  • Each week has a random fact about horses, a joke, a question or motivational quote.
  • The diary is designed to be interactive while educating and encouraging self-care and growth.


  • At the beginning of each month there is a different activity to do, they are all focused on goal setting, personal growth and caring for and loving your horse.

Inclded in diary 

  • At the beginning of the diary there is an equine health record sheet as well as a monthly event calendar.

HorseWyse Diary 2021