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    Our Totally Horses Club has been running since March 2005 and so far there are 3,500 members! 

    Congratulations to all our SUMMER 2017 THC Winners!

    Click on the image above to download the SUMMER 2017 THC Winners Pages [PDF format, Adobe Reader required, 3.7Mb].

    Click here to view the SUMMER 2017 Competition Results.

    New members receive an activity sheet and membership card.*

    To join, send a $1.00 stamp to:

    Totally Horses Club
    PO Box 829
    Moruya NSW 2537

    Our mascot is called Starbuck, he's a cheeky buckskin who was named by members in one of our competitions. He recently got a new filly-friend named Twilight (that's them on the right), who will be helping him host the Totally Horses pages.

    Once you're a member you can enter any of our Totally Horses to members ONLY. We have prizes ranging from show ribbons and rosettes, to books, Breyer merchandise and lots of other goodies.

    Membership* is forever, you never need to renew it! We don't send out newsletters because all info and competitions are in each issue of Horsewyse.

    * Membership available to Australian residents only.

    Check out HW's NEW App. for iPhone and iPad!

    HorseWyse Magazine proud sponsors of Pony Club Australia!!!

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