Jessica Rae 

Jessica grew up on sheep on her family farm near Mudgee NSW. Riding horses before she could walk Jessica’s dad would pop on her pony and lead her along behind him mustering sheep. At age 5 she joined the Hargraves Triamble Pony Club, which was a small club but she was lucky enough to gain some guidance from Eric Colly and Don Edwards. ..........

"I love the challenge of being good in three phases, there is so much training and so much preparation that goes in to having a successful combination".

Jessica and Rascal have their sights set on the Adelaide Three Day Event at the end of the year and they will be working had to ensure they are completely prepared to do their best. Like all of us Jessica has her own dreams and aspirations and she hopes to one day represent Australian at a World Games or the Olympics. But despite having these dreams Jessica wakes up each day and focuses on riding better than she did the day before and always making improvements. “I am so lucky to live a life that I truly enjoy what I do, I working hard, I love being around horses and I would live life any other way.” .................

Awesome games to play with your horsey friends 

One of the best things about Spring is that the weather is warmer and we have longer days to spend with our family, friends, and most importantly our ponies.   


Having fun with your horse and other riders is extremely important. You can achieve this by challenging yourself to do new things and improve your riding skills.   


I have come up with a few fun games and exercises that you can play that will definatly improve both you and your horses skills. All the games can be played with 2 riders or even up to 50 riders. It is not so much about speed, it is about accuracy and communication with your horse. 

Games like Noughts and Crosses, Cat and Mouse, The Tack Box Scurry

activities .jpg

Load of fun activities

In our HorseWyse Magazine we have loads of fun and educational activities for you to complete, every issue has something new for you to complete and learn.

  • Find-a-word

  • Cross Words

  • Spot the Difference

  • Label activistes 

  • Mazes 

  • Literacy and numeracy 

  • Colouring in competitions 

  • Design competitions 

  • Photo competitions

  • Writing competitions 

One of the main illnesses ponies eating spring grass are at risk of is Pasture-Associated Laminitis.  Whilst laminitis can be caused by lots of different things and can occur in thin horses with other underlying conditions, this article focusses on laminitis in ponies eating spring grass. Laminitis is the inflammation of the laminae in the hoof. Laminae are specialised structures that attach the hoof wall to the pedal bone. When the laminae are inflamed they can separate and therefore become weaker.

What is the link between grass and laminitis?

Some more biology:

Although we do not know

exactly why, eating too 

much lush spring grass can trigger laminitis, especially in fat ponies or ponies that have had laminitis before. 

In every issue of HorseWyse Magazine we share our amazing horses and ponies, calling them 'Super Starts'. We all love our horses and ponies and it's awesome to read about everyone else horses and what they do.

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